The Fourth Horseman


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This activity was part of the Season of the Worthy and is no longer available. 

The Fourth Horseman

Weapon Questline

The final part of the quest requires you to complete the Legendary Lost Sector “Quarry” that is on a 3 day rotation. So it might take several days to be able to complete this quest/quest step.

The Fourth HorsemanComplete a series of quests to acquire this Shotgun!

This weapon is obtained by completing a questline you get from Zavala.  The Fourth Horseman deals ARC damage and is equippable in the energy weapon slot.  If you need assistance completing this questline the Guardian.Services team is here to help!



This weapon’s rate of fire is increased significantly, and fires full auto.

Arrowhead BrakeArrowhead Brake

Lightly vented barrel.

Assault MagAssault Mag

This shotgun’s magazine is optimized for quick combat.



Each successive shot has more damage and more spread.

Fitted Stock

Fitted Stock

This stock makes the weapon stable but heavy.

And its name was Death.

And its name was Death.

Adds an additional round to the magazine and increases reload speed.

Weapon Questline

Enter the VaultEnter the Vault

Gain access to the vault through the secret pathway in Zavala’s office.

A False RefractionMissing in Action

Return to Zavala and inform him the weapon is missing from the vault.

Spoken WordFresh Lead

See if Ana has some tech to help track the missing weapon.

Spoken WordOn The Hunt

Collect intel for Ana by defeating Cabal or completing public events on Mars.

Spoken WordReturn To Ana

Take the collected intel back to Ana and see what she can discover.

Spoken WordIn The Shadows

Ana will need you to bring her some information from Calus’s double agents in the Red Legion. Defeat Psions and loot Cabal chests to gather it.

Spoken WordUnder Our Nose

Now that you’ve gathered intel from Calus’s agents, see if Benedict 99-40 can be persuaded to help.

Spoken WordDirty Work

Benedict needs you to eliminate the encryption signals coming from the EDZ. Defeat combatants, complete public events, and complete patrols.

Spoken WordRein It In

Return to Benedict 99-40.

Spoken WordLost and Found

Clear out Legendary Lost Sector Quarry.


Must be of 960+ Power Level
Must have the Season of the Worthy Season Pass

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The Legendary Lost Sector "Quarry" is not always available?

The last part of the quest is to complete the Legendary Lost Sector “Quarry” that is on a 3 day rotation. So it might take up to several days to complete this quest.

Do I need the DLC?

No, you need to have the Season of the Worthy Season Pass.

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    They finished in no time!

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