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If you are looking to have your Destiny account boosted why settle for anything but THE best?

Guardian.Services was created in 2014 shortly after Destiny was first released. We have spent the past four years building our team which consists of several of the best players in the game and have completed over 45,000+ orders for clients all over the world!

Our team of professionals complete all services exactly as described – Quickly and efficiently without the use of any glitches, cheats, or hacks.

Over the years we have accumulated over 5,500+ Reviews from our customers which speaks for the quality of service that we provide.

We do everything we can to make sure our customers are 100% satisfied with our service!

Security is our highest priority!

On Guardian.Services we offer both Account Recovery (We sign on your account) AND Play With Our Team options on most of our services.

Customer security starts the moment you enter our website.

  1. If you look to the left of the URL you will see the lock indicating that your connection to our website is secure and private.
  2. All orders are placed through Paypal, the #1 online payment processor.
  3. Checkout information containing any sensitive login details are protected and only accessed once we start the order.
  4. Most importantly our team handles our clients accounts just like we would handle our own.

Having an account recovery done can be a very scary thought! Our team follows very strict rules while on account recoveries.

  1. No items will be dismantled, infused, or modded without permission.
  2. We will not respond to any messages and can appear offline if requested.
  3. We will do our best to return any changed settings back to how you had them set beforehand.
  4. Your account will be removed from the system upon order completion

We also encourage all customers that order account recoveries to change their password upon service completion just for peace of mind!

Our team consists of proven, trusted professionals who work with our clients and recover profiles on a daily basis with zero bans.

If you are not confident with having an account recovery done see if the service you are interested in has an option to play with our team.

Watch your account get boosted by professional players!

One thing that makes Guardian.Services unique to the other sherpa websites is that we offer a streaming option on most services. If the private streaming option is selected then our team will send you a link to the channel running your order so that you can watch it being done live.

You can have the peace of mind knowing that nothing malicious is being done to your account while also being able to see how we do the service. Pickup on new strategies to use yourself that we use or simply get some entertainment watching a coordinated team complete complicated endgame activities with ease.

If you are unavailable to watch our team stream your order when we get to it we will also include a link to the private VOD to watch anytime at your convenience.

Private Streaming