Traveler’s Chosen

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Traveler’s Chosen

Weapon Questline

Complete a series of quests to acquire this Exotic Sidearm!

This weapon is obtained by completing a questline you get from Asher Mir.  Traveler’s Chosen deals KINETIC damage and is equippable in the kinetic weapon slot.  If you need assistance completing this questline the Guardian.Services team is here to help!

Gathering Light

Final blows with this weapon grant stacks of Gathering Light.
: Consume stacks, granting melee, grenade, and class ability energy based on the number of stacks.

QuickDot SASQuickdot SAS

Agile Sidearm sight.Greatly increases handling speed,Slightly increases stability.

Armor-Piercing RoundsAmor-Piercing Rounds

Rounds cause extra damage to combatants’ shields and overpenetrate targets. Slightly increases range.

Gift of the Traveler

Gift Of The Traveler

Each stack of Gathering Light improves this weapon’s reload, handling, and target acquisition.

Composite Stock

Short-Action Stock 

This weapon is especially easy to grip. Greatly increases handling speed.

Rewards from completing the Exodus Evacuation


Silicon NeuromaDUTY BOUND

Silicon NeuromaD.F.A.



Weapon Questline

Evacuation: IoEVACUATION: IO

Meet Asher on Io and tell him Zavala has ordered him to evacuate.

Observer EffectObserver Effect

Help Asher investigate the Pyramid’s influence on Io.

Into the PyramidionInto The Pyramidion

Complete the Pyramidion strike, and collect Scan Traces by defeating Vex anywhere on Io.

Double BlindDouble Blind

Complete the adventure “Unexpected Guests (Heroic)” to learn what’s behind the spike in Taken activity.

Double BlindFleischman-Aschheim Axiom

Return to Asher with your findings.

Evacuation: TitanEvacuation: Titan

Meet Sloane on Titan and tell her Zavala’s concerns.

Evacuation: TitanClearing The Decks

Defeat Hive Knight Dek-Thra in Lost Sector: Methane Flush located in Siren’s Watch near Commander Sloane. Open the chest in Methane Flush.

Evacuation: TitanAsset Interception

Open chests protected by Hive Ultras in the Solarium and Festering Halls to claim their Golden Age tech.

Evacuation: TitanBe The Wall

Complete the strike “Savathûn’s Song,” and defeat Hive Ogres, Wizards, and Knights on Titan to collect Tech Fragments.

Evacuation: TitanThe Will Of A Titan

Return to Sloane with your report.

Report to ZavalaReport To Zavala

Return to Zavala for further instructions.

Evacuation: MercuryEvacuation: Mercury

Meet Brother Vance on Mercury and tell him Zavala has ordered him to evacuate.

A Shattered FutureA Shattered Future 

Complete strike “A Garden World” and defeat Hydras, Minotaurs, and Cyclopses on Mercury to collect Timeline Fractures.

In His FootstepsIn His Footsteps

Complete strike “Tree of Probabilities” and defeat Cabal on Mercury to collect Traces of Osiris.

In His FootstepsA Disciple’s Plea

Complete the adventure “Bug in the System (Heroic).”

In His FootstepsBetters Days Ahead

Return to Vance with your findings.

Evacuation: MarsEvacuation: Mars

Meet Ana Bray on Mars and tell her Zavala has ordered her to evacuate.

Signs of LifeSigns Of Life

Investigate Mindlab: Rasputin for a signal from Rasputin.

Recycled ComponentsRecycled Components

Defeat bosses in Escalation Protocol to collect pieces of Rasputin’s shattered frame.

Recycled ComponentsSignal Shielding

Complete the adventure “Deathly Tremors (Heroic)” to stop the Hive interference.

Recycled ComponentsForce Reboot

Return to Ana with your findings.

Report to ZavalaReport To Zavala

Return to Zavala in the Tower.


Must be of 900+ Power Level

Must have the Season of Arrivals Season Pass

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