The Spiteful Fang

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The Spiteful Fang

Weapon Questline & Farming

The Spiteful Fang is a Bow that is acquired through the Bow Frame offered by Ada-1.

This weapon is obtained by completing any Forge.  The Spiteful Fang deals KINETIC damage and is equippable in the kinetic weapon slot.   If you need assistance completing this weapon frame the Guardian.Services team is here to help!

Weapon Stats

Hidden Stats





Reload Speed


Aim Assistance

Recoil Direction

Weapon Size




This weapon drops with random rolls.

Lightweight Frame

Recurve bow. Draw quickly and move faster while this weapon is equipped. Press while drawn to cancel the shot.

Agile Bowstring
Tactile String
Elastic String
Flexible String
High Tension String
Natural String
Polymer String
Carbon Arrow Shaft
Compact Arrow Shaft
Fiberglass Arrow Shaft
Helical Fletching
Natural Fletching
Straight Fletching
Archer's Tempo
Moving Target
Air Assault
Sneak Bow
Snapshot Sights
Explosive Head
Threat Detector
Hip-Fire Grip

Weapon Questline Option

Powerful Bow Frame will reward a powerful The Spiteful Fang drop with random rolls.

Every week Ada-1 will offer you 3 different Powerful Weapon Frames that you can purchase with a Ballistics Log. To get Ballistics Log you have to complete Ada-1’s Weekly Bounties. Once you have purchased the Bow Frame you will need to complete 5 quest steps to complete the Frame.

Quest Steps for Powerful Bow Frame

Basic Bow Frame
Obtain Weapon Core, Collect 25 Unstable Radiolara.

Bow Alpha Frame
Get 30 Precision kills with a Bow, Defeat 50 Taken enemies.

Bow Beta Frame
Get 20 Multikills with a Bow.

Bow Calibrated Frame
Collect 20 Radiant Seeds.

Radiant Bow Frame
Complete any Forge.

Need help getting Ballistics Logs and Modulus Reports?

Our team at Guardian.Services are ready to help you! You can find our Ada-1 service here.

Weapon Farming Option

Bow Frame will reward a legendary The Spiteful Fang drop with random rolls.

Once you have completed a Powerful Bow Frame, Ada-1 will have a Bow Frame available to buy for 6 Modulus Reports. You get Modulus Reports from doing Ada-1 Daily Bounties and by completing Forges. Once you have the Bow Frame you will need to complete 3 quest steps.

Quest Steps for Bow Frame

Bow Beta Frame
Get 20 Multikills with a Bow.

Bow Calibrated Frame
Collect 20 Radiant Seeds.

Radiant Bow Frame
Complete any Forge.

More Information

This is a repeatable service. You can keep purchasing the Bow Frame from Ada-1 until you get the perfect roll you are looking for.

You must have completed the Powerful Bow Frame before you are able to access the Bow Frame for Modulus reports.

This is not a powerful reward. This drops as a normal legendary with random rolls.

We will grind the Modulus Reports needed.


Must be minimum 750+ Power Level.

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