The Allegiance

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The Allegiance

Questline Completion

With the release of Season of Opulence you no longer receive weekly reward packages.

It’s time to choose Guardian. Do you side with the Vanguard or the Drifter?

The Allegiance. A new quest that you get access to after completing the introductory quests for Gambit Prime. After completing these the drifter will present you with two medallions prompting you to Stand with the Drifter or Stand with the Vanguard. Depending on your choice, you’ll receive a set of rewards specific to your allegiance. Through the Allegiance quest, each side will offer unique lore.

Stand with the Drifter

Rewards Powerful Gambit Gear, Synths (1 x Collector, Reaper, Invader and Sentry) and Infamy.

Stand with the Vanguard

Rewards Powerful Vanguard Gear, Boon, Tokens and Enhancement Core.

  1. Black Market Deals
    Visit Spider in the Tangled Shore.
  2. Shady Deal
    Purchase “the jerky” from the spider for 50,000 glimmer.
  3. Dead Drop
    Complete a heroic reprise of “Thief of Thieves” on Titan.
  4. Time To Regroup
    Visit Drifter in the Annex.
  5. Show Your Strength
    Defeat 25 Guardians in the Crucible.
  6. Motes! Fast!
    Bank 50 Motes in Gambit or Gambit Prime.
  7. Farm To Table
    Defeat 2 Vex strike bosses, Defeat 2 Cabal strike bosses.
  8. Drifter’s Hideaway
    Enter the activity “Mystery and Potential” via the Gambit Director and search the Derelict for the tape the Drifter made for you.
  9. Cold Feet
    Visit the Drifter in the Annex.
  10. Hidden Messages
    Find the 7 tapes the Drifter left in the EDZ.
  11. We’re In This Together Now
    Visit the Drifter in the Annex to receive your reward.
  1. Signed, Sealed, Delivered
    Find a terminal in the Tower Hangar where you can compose an encrypted message.
  2. A Message Of Solidarity
    Find the Hidden agent in the Tower Hangar to drop off your message.
  3. Wiretapping The Annex
    Find suitable locations in the Annex to plant 3 audio surveillance devices.
  4. Surveillance
    Return to the Tower Hangar terminal you used to author a message to Aunor. Activate the terminal to monitor the bugs you just planted.
  5. Sting Operation
    Visit the Spider in the Tangled Shore.
  6. A Reasonable Price
    Pay off the spider with 50,000 glimmer.
  7. Looking For A Lead
    Complete a Heroic reprise of “Siren Song” on Titan.
  8. Prime Research
    Bank 50 Motes in Gambit or Gambit Prime.
  9. Lifeguard Duty
    Defeat 25 Guardians in the Crucible.
  10. Field Maintenance
    Return to the terminal in the Hangar to audit your logs.
  11. Bomb Threat
    Enter the activity “Mystery and Potential” via the Gambit Director and search the Derelict for some kind of clue.
  12. The Survival Guide
    Search for the 7 tapes Drifter left on EDZ.
  13. Hard Truths
    Visit the Drifter in the Annex to receive your rewards.


  • Must have the the Annual Pass.
  • Must be Level 50 and have Picked a Side.

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