Sign of the Gambit Emblem




Sign of the Gambit

Emblem Code

For sale is a code to redeem that unlocks the Sign of the Gambit emblem on your account!


There are many emblems in Destiny that you cannot earn in-game.  This emblem is one of them.   Don’t miss out on your chance to be able to own this limited edition emblem that is sure to have players wondering how you earned it!

Emblem Previews

Sign of the Gambit

In Fireteam List

In Character Menus

Important: Please Read!

This product is for the purchase of a redeemable emblem code.

All emblem codes are tested on an account that already owns that emblem to confirm that the code is still valid before being sent to the customer.

To redeem an emblem code you must sign into your account at and enter in the 9 digit code provided.


Due to the nature of this product all sales are final and there will be no refunds offered if we have sent you the code.


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