EDZ Seraph Bunker

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This activity was part of the Season of the Worthy and is no longer available. 

EDZ Seraph Bunker

Bounties & Upgrades

https://www.light.gg/Content/Images/worthy-icon.pngHelp Rasputin upgrade the Seraph Bunkers and save the Tower!

The EDZ Seraph Bunker is the first bunker available in the Season of the Worthy. Complete Bounties, Legendary Lost Sectors and upgrade the ranks of your bunker to unlock new rewards!

You must unlock the EDZ Seraph Bunker by completing a questline that starts with Zavala.

Seraphs and Rewards

Complete Bounties, Legendary Lost Sector and collect Warmind Bits to upgrade your bunker and unlock more upgrades but also specific weapon bounties once you reach rank 3. You will also get Faction Rewards that will give you a new armor set.

Best way to upgrade?

1. Collect Warmind Bits to upgrade the bunker by doing the following
– Daily Bounties
– Weekly Bounties
– Legendary Lost Sector Daily
– Seraph Towers Public Events
– Certain upgrades to the bunker will allow some activities to reward Warmind Bits

2. Use the Warmind Bits to upgrade the bunker and acquire Chipsets
– Use the Chipsets to Rank Up the Bunker and get Faction Rewards and Unlock Weapon Bounties

For the easiest way select our Upgrade Service and which upgrades you want and let us do the work for you!

We also have Daily Bounties, Weekly Bounties, Weapon Bounties, Legendary Lost Sector and Seraph Tower Public Events options available.


      • Must have the Season Pass for the Weapon Bounties
      • You have to be of specific Power Level for the selected option
      • You need to have the EDZ Seraph Bunker Unlocked

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Do I need to have the Bunker unlocked?

Yes, or select the + Unlock EDZ Bunker option and we will do it for you.

Do I need to have the DLC or Annual Pass?

No, only the specific weapon bounties requires the Season of the Worthy.

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    Incredibly happy with Guardian Services. They manage to quickly pull of the bounties when I am unable to. Highly recommended to others too busy to grind.

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